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All About Our Girl Hanbok Accessories

Girl hanbok accessories dress up any traditional or modern hanbok and help complete the iconic outfit. Aesthetically pleasing embellishments that you can add to your baby girl include hairbands, hair ties, brooches, and headbands. 

Other items that help achieve the full Korean ensemble include petticoats, innerwear pants, and must-have shoes, which we offer in a variety of colors and styles.  When you shop with us, know that your baby girl is going to look adorable and true to the Korean legacy.

Why You Should Only Shop with Joteta for Girl Hanbok Accessories:

  • At Joteta, we pride ourselves on using only premium quality fabrics and decorative items to bring you products that are proudly part of our Korean heritage.
  • We quality-check each and every fabric that's being used for our hanbok accessories to ensure that they are pristine.
  • Joteta offers both modern and traditional styles with a diverse selection of products in each category.
  • With the modern items offered on our website, we take the traditional themes and then incorporate new designs and concepts to give a modernized feel and look to classic fashion.
  • Our fabrics and accessories are 100% authentic Korean and only highly-skilled Koreans put our accessories together to ensure they are accurate.
  • We take the meaning and history of Korea seriously and work diligently to ensure we're providing customers with meaningful and thoughtful products.
  • We custom make all of our products in Korea and stay updated on the latest trends for our modern hanbok accessories collection. 
  • With our lovely hanbok accessories, your baby girl will look like a doll when she's dressed in our traditional or modern Korean hanbok accessories.
  • We're also expanding our Korean Girl Hanbok Collection to include a variety of other Girl Hanbok Accessories.

Sizes of our Girl Hanbok Accessories:

  • We have girl hanbok petticoats in sizes from 1 year old to 10 years old. 
  • Some products in this collection are available in 100 day, small, medium, and large. 
  • Most of the hair add-ons, such as headbands, are suitable for a baby girl age 1-2. 
  • Our sizes also include a variety of color choices to fit the perfect Korean ceremony or celebration.  Each product typically comes in multiple colors to suit any and all traditional Korean events and occasions.
  • The charming and radiant hanbok shoes come in sizes from 130mm to 210mm.
  • Girl hanbok accessories all follow different size charts which are available on each individual product page. 
  • Some products that have a size suggestion can be used for older or younger girls, depending on the product. We go into details about that on those specific product pages. 


Please provide us with 2-5 business days to both produce, skillfully pack, and ship your items.

Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days.