Daisy Korean Money Envelope (10 Colors)

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Bojagi x Korean Wedding Money Envelope

Bojagi wallet in 5 colors out of out 10 color selection. These bojagi wallets are commonly used as  Korean wedding money envelopes.Bojagi Wallet in 5 other colors out of our selection of 10. These Korean made fabric wallets are used for respectfully exchanging money between two family members or friends during a special Korean celebration such as Lunar New Years or a wedding.

 About the Daisy Korean Money Envelope:

1. This is made with the same fabric used for bojagi. It's a trending and popular form of a Korean wedding money envelope or general Korean envelope for letters and/or money.

2. The norigae attached has a double knot to ensure it doesn't loosen.

3.  Includes an additional paper envelope that goes inside the bojagi Korean money envelope. 

4. Purchase it as a single or in bulk. Receive a huge discount and customize your colors to suit your preference for bulk orders. (5% discount for 3x, 10% discount for 5x, 20% discount for 10x, and 30% discount for 20x) 

5. Choose from 10 different colors.


This is a teal colored daisy Korean money envelope made in Korea. The string around the wallet is a norigae that is floral inspired for a beautiful look.


This is a gray Daise Korean Money envelope. The gray one invokes a neutral emotion and is a favorite for people who are looking to exchange money amongst friends.


This is a Navy colored bojagi wallet. This color is specifically used for the male side's of the family to give to the spouse's side of the family before the wedding with money and a letter as a form of respect and future relationship.


This is a mint colored daisy Korean money envelope. This color was one of the colors used by the female side of the family to send the male's side of the family with money, a letter, or another form of value as a sign of respect an a bright future with each other.

Indie Pink

This is an indie pink daisy Korean money envelope and is very popular with females looking to gift their friends with money.

Candy Pink

This is a candy pink daisy korean money envelope and is also a popular selection amongst women who are planning to gift their friends or family member with money during a wedding.

Plum Rose

This is a plum rose daisy money envelope and is a traditional color used by many Koreans.


This is a peach Korean inspired money envelope and was crafted by Koreans in Korea. The design of the knot shows that this was handcrafted.

White Green

This is a unique bojagi wallet in the color of white green. It has a subtle green look while maintaining the fresh look of white.

White Pink

This Korean money wallet is in white pink. White is a common color for money wallets used for specific Korean celebrations.


This highlights the feature of our daisy Korean money envelope. The double knot around the cloth ensurs that the cloth will stay closed and the valuables inside will stay intact.


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