Floral Baby Girl Hanbok Shoes (2 Colors)

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Complete the hanbok with authentic & traditional hanbok shoes made in Korea


Shoes complete the hanbok look, and what's better than a good pair of shoes that are comfortable? The floral baby girl hanbok shoes add a spring to every step you take.

The shoes are great for both formal and informal events and will add a heavenly look to your regular wardrobe.


Floral Themed Hanbok Shoes for Baby Girls

These hanbok shoes for baby girls are perfect for Korean holidays and special occasions such as Baek-il (100 Days Party), Korean First Birthday Party (Doljanchi), Korean New Year (Seollal), and Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok).  

Additional Information about our Floral Baby Girl Hanbok Shoes: 

  • The baby hanbok shoes are made for baby girls.
  • The hanbok shoes shown are made in Korea.
  • Because the front nose of the shoes is sharp, we recommend a size 5mm larger than the baby's sneakers when ordering. 
  • We provide a variety of sizes. Our measurement unit is in mm for a precise fit. (1 inch = 25.4mm)
  • Please allow 2-5 business days for us to create, process, and neatly package your baby shoes. 


Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days.