Korean First Birthday Decoration Set

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Decorations for a Korean First Birthday Party

Doljanchi is a tradition amongst Koreans that celebrates a Korean baby's first birthday.

Families invite their friends and relatives to celebrate their baby's first birthday by throwing a feast and Doljabi. 

Doljabi is when a baby chooses 2 items among several to foretell the baby's future and is the highlight of Doljanchi, it provides entertainment to all the guests because they can participate through Doljabi raffle.  

Choose from 3 Korean Dol decoration sets that have their own unique color theme. 

What's Included in the Korean Dol Decoration Set:

(Please look at the images for reference)

  1. 1 Bunting Banner Party Flags
  2. 4 Family Birthday Hats
  3. 8 Party Picks, 3 Party Tags, 2 Mini Bunting Flags, 4 Paper Straws, 150cm Decoration Yarn, and 10 Skewers
  4. 10 Party Pick with A-Z and 0-9 Characters
  5. 4 Table Cards
  6. 4 Plate Wrappers
  7. 8 Cupcake Wrappers
  8. 6 Juice Wrappers
  9. 4 Snack Boxes
  10. 1 Table Covering (250cm x 150cm)
  11. 6 Paper Flower Balls and 6 Hook Mounts and 50m Transparent String
  12. 1 Snack Cup
  13. 4 Plastic Plates
  14. 25 Paper Straws

Additional Information about our Korean Dol Decorations:

The Korean first birthday decorations are made in Korea.

Complete your Korean First Birthday Decoration Set with a Doljabi Set or Doljabi Items.


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