Makgeolli Kit (2x)

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Our Makgeolli Kit is Easy, GMO-FREE, and Made in Korea

Korean Gift Makgeolli
Anyone can easily make makgeolli by mixing the enclosed ingredients in our Makgeolli Kit with water and waiting 5 days.

Make the only makgeolli in the world by adding honey, fruit, soda, or anything that suits your taste with our simple-to-use DIY Makgeolli Kit.

Korean Gift - Makgeolli Kit
Our Makgeolli Kit has zero additives, zero artificial sweetening agent aspartame, and is purely made of only Korean rice, yeast, and water. It's 100% Korean ingredients and free of genetically modified and artificial products. 

The process of making it yourself is enjoyable and can be intriguing to some!


Korean Gift Makgeolli Kit

Makgeolli Kit Component

This Makgeolli Kit comes with 2 1L Makgeolli Kits. Included in each kit are:

1. Rice Powder 250g in a bottle
2. A Bottle Cap
3. Yeast Type A
4. Yeast Type B
5.  Manufacturing Description Check List
6. Tasting Note
7. Label Sticker


Korean Gift - Makgeolli Kit

Visit our detailed instructions on how to make Makgeolli with our Makgeolli Kit. 

About Makgeolli

Makgeolli is one of Korea's representative traditional liquors. It's white, soft, and tangy attributes represent Korean culture and sentiment.

It even looks traditional to make. Large bulks shown below are used to make Makgeolli in considerable quantity.

Korean Gift - Makgeolli Kit