Saekdong Korean Wedding Ducks

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Red & Green wooden Korean wedding ducks

Saekdong Korean Wedding Ducks

These Saekdong Korean Wedding Ducks are a classic set that is often gifted to Korean couples from their friends or extended family members to wish them the best of luck in their marriage.Top down view of the Korean wedding ducks that are aesthetically wrapped with a red and blue bojagi. 

The Saekdong Korean wedding ducks are in green and blue and are color coded near the beaks to represent each individual of the couple.Side profile of the Saekdong Korean wedding duck to provide a full scope of the product.

About the Saekdong Korean Wedding Duck

This is a pair of gorgeous and meticulously wood carved wooden Korean wedding ducks. These ducks (actually geese) are of superior quality and closely resembles geese that were traditionally gifted by Koreans in the past.

A Saekdong Duck is a duck that is meant to always be around a happy family and symbolizes unity between a couple. The Saekdong Duck is handcrafted, is made of fine wood, and is an authentic wooden wedding duck made in Korea.

Features of the Saekdong Korean Wedding Duck

Our price includes the red & blue bojagi (fabric wrap around the duck) shown in the picture. The color of the bojagi is an aesthetic color (made with the same fabric for hanboks) particularly chosen for this wedding duck. However, if you prefer another style of bojagi, we're happy to accommodate! Please refer to our Bojagi collection.

The history of the Korean Wedding Duck

In current times, a pair of wooden geese commonly referred to as wooden ducks are used as marriage gifts or as the centerpiece for weddings.

Geese mate for life and are known for their devotion to their mates. Thus, the goose became a symbol for the new couple’s prosperity and everlasting love throughout their marriage.

The Saekdong duck is actually a goose and symbolizes love so deep that there is a myth that when one side leaves, the other side can't but help think about that person.

In the past, the Korean groom would travel to the bride's location to hold the wedding. The first thing he did was offer a gift, which was usually a goose wrapped in a red bojagi, to his parents in law.

Size of 1 Saekdong Wooden Goose

18cm in length (from beak to tail) x 9.5cm in height (from the bottom to head) x 5.8cm in width ( the thickest part of the torso)


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