Saekdong Korean Wedding Ducks Set

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Red & Green wooden Korean wedding ducks set with hand-embroidered mirror & 5 colorful prosperity pouches

Saekdong Korean Wedding Ducks that are made of wood and handmade in Korea. This is one of the finest Korean wedding ducks.

 Saekdong Korean Wedding Ducks Set comes with: 

1. Wooden Saekdong ducks

2. Floral hand-embroidered hand mirror

3. 5 Hand-embroidered prosperity pouches with grains

Saekdong Korean Wedding Ducks

This Saekdong Korean Wedding duck is aesthetically wrapped with a blue bojagi that we include when a person purchases this wedding set on Jotetal.When look at the Korean wedding duck from top down, the tie of the bojagi resembles a ribbon. 

Naked Korean wedding ducks. The true colors are red and green. The fine intricate woodwork can be seen when examined closely.Side view of the Saekdong wedding duck.

A Saekdong Duck is a duck that is meant to always be around a happy family and symbolizes unity between a couple. The Saekdong Duck is handcrafted and is made of fine wood.

*The bojagi comes with the Korean wedding duck.

Size of 1 Saekdong Duck:

18cm in length (from beak to tail) x 9.5cm in height (from the bottom to head) x 5.8cm in width ( the thickest part of the torso)

Floral Hand-embroidered Hand Mirror 

The floral hand embroidered hand mirror that was traditionally used in Korea and is a favorite for many.we provide a selection of 5 mirrors that all have a norigae tied at the bottom and a intricate floral design on the rear of the hand mirror.

This is a mirror that has been meticulously hand-embroidered with an intricate floral design and closely resembles a traditional hand mirror used in the past. The significance of this mirror is to brightly illuminate the future of the bride and groom in their marriage. The external shell of the hand mirror is made of wood and a cute norigae is tied at the bottom.

Size of wooden frame diameter: 8cm

Size of mirror diameter: 6cm

*The color of the mirror and pocket will be selected at random unless you put in a special request.

Hand-embroidered Prosperity Pouches with 5 Grains

The fortune pouches are used as prosperity pouches to cover grains that have a unique representation.The rear of the prosperity pouches are embroidered with traditional Korean characters. This pouch makes it a friendly and welcoming Korean wedding gift.

Red pouch which contains red beans signifies repelling injustice & negativity.

Green pouch which contains sorghum signifies harmony between couples.

Yellow pouch which contains yellow beans signifies high status.

Pink pouch which contains cotton seeds signifies prosperity.

Blue pouch which contains foxtail millet signifies everlasting strength between couples.

Size of 1 Fortune Pouch: 6.5cm diameter


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