Songhak Mother of Pearl Korean Wedding Gift Box

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A Mother of Pearl jewelry box with wedding ducks for the perfect Korean wedding gift!

The Mother of Pearl Korean Wedding Gift Box with all the items included which are a mother of pearl box, golden ducks, and a fortune pouch filled with 5 different grains. This wedding gift set is made in Korea.


The inside of the Songhak Mother of pearl wedding gift set. Inside sits a wedding duck that's covered with a fortune pouch.The mother of pearl box also includes a mirror which represents a bright future for the Korean couple that's about to get married.

Songhak Mother of Pearl Korean Wedding Gift Box comes with:

1. Small Mother of Pearl box with mirror

2. Silk Bojagi (Wrap around the box)

3. A pair of wedding ducks with covers

4.  Lucky grain pouch with 5 different types

Select your Mother of Pearl Korean Wedding Gift Box in Blue or Red

The Mother of Pearl Jewelry box comes in two colors: red or blue. Our customers have the opportunity to pick their preference and let us know in the special request box.

 The red mother of pearl korean wedding gift box available on Joteta.The blue songhak mother of pearl korean wedding gift box available only on Joteta.

This is a Songhak Mother of Pearl jewelry box handcrafted in Korea with the highest-grade mother of pearl. The artwork is a beautiful representation of Songhak (crane next to an evergreen tree) and symbolizes prosperity.

Outer box dimensions: 11cm width x 9cm length x 6cm height

Inner box dimensions: 9cm width x 7.5cm length x 5cm height

*Unless you insert your color preference in the Additional Information section, the color of the box will be selected randomly.

Pair of Gold Plated Wedding Ducks

The golden ducks are color coded to represent the couple that's about to get married. The colors used are red and blue and includes a pouch to cover the ducks.

The ducks are sitting inside their pouch which is in green. These covers are high quality fabrics that are meant to be used when storing your golden wedding ducks.The golden wedding ducks also come with a pink paper wrapping that's often used when displaying them during the Korean wedding. 

The wedding ducks are in a compact size. They are small however they are a high-quality pair of golden ducks. The surface is gold plated and looks absolutely adorable. Once the celebration is over, these ducks make a perfect fit as interior decor. 

Size based on 1 duck: 5cm in length x 1.5cm in width x 2.5cm in height

Five Grain Seed Pouch

The grains used are to wish prosperity to the Korean couple that will get married. Friends buy this wedding gift set for their Korean friends to wish them the best of luck and fortune.

This Korean wedding gift also includes a pouch with 5 grains that each have their own unique representation:

Red Beans: Repelling injustice & negativity

Sweet Sorghum: Harmony between couples

Yellow Beans: High status

 Cotton Seeds: Prosperity

Fox Tail Millet: Everlasting strength between couples

*The color of the pouch containing the grains is subject to change based on the availability of fabric during the time of purchase.

Mirror in Mother of Pearl Jewelry Box 

The mother of pearl box comes with a built in mirror which represents a bright future for the couple.The Mother of pearl box is big enough to store the ducks and other forms of treasure.

The mirror is built into the mother of pearl jewelry box. The mirror has the meaning of asking for a clear view of the future of the bridge and groom. 

Size: 8.5cm in width x 7cm in length

Silk Cloth (Bojagi) Wrapping

The entire mother of pearl wedding gift box is wrapped with a bojagi here at Joteta. We choose the best bojagi that matches the Korean wedding gift.

The blue bojagi is shown with the blue mother of pearl jewelry box.The bojagi used to wrap the Korean wedding gift is finalized with a bow ready to send to a customer who will gift this set to their Korean friend.

To finalize the wedding gift and ready to send with a traditional Korean look, the Songhak mother of pearl jewelry box with all the items are aesthetically wrapped with a high-quality bojagi made of silk.


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