Superfly Prince Baby Boy Hanbok in Camille Pink

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Here at Joteta, we provide quality free accessories when you purchase a hanbok for baby boys. Included are a fortune pouch which represents financial blessings and fortune and a flower corsage for an aesthetic look.This hanbok is superfly. It comes with a unique butterfly green corsage that adds a novel look. It also matches the uniqueness of the traditional Korean characters embroidered on the Jeogori.The lining and the silver foiled embroidery of this baby hanbok is perfectly made by our artisans in Korea.What to do if your hanbok is too big on your baby boy. There's an option of rolling up the sleeves and pants. It's better to buy a bigger hanbok and take the suggestion than to buy a tight fit and cause discomfort.

Celebrate a special Korean occasion with a Camille pink baby boy hanbok

This adorable Camille pink baby boy hanbok is perfect for Korean holidays and special occasions such as Baek-il (100th Day Celebration), Korean First Birthday Party (Dol), Korean New Year (Seollal), and Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok).  

This hanbok is in Camille pink which represents playfulness, inner peace, and friendliness, and includes designs of historic Korean patterns tracing down the middle of the vest for a traditional look. 

This authentic, superfly, and quality baby boy Hanbok consists of:

  1. Camille pink vest designed with traditional Korean patterns 
  2. Prim rose pink top (Jeogori)
  3. Gray pants
  4. Fortune pouch (Free accessory, may not be shown in the picture)
  5. Flower corsage (Free accessory, may not be shown in the picture) 

Select from two add-ons to complete your hanbok:

  1. Complete Set which includes a premium Dol belt, hat, shoes, and socks ($100)
  2. Dol belt + hat (Jobawi) ($45)

*If you plan to order the complete set, please read the section below! 

Additional Information about the Superfly Baby Boy Hanbok: 

  • For the complete set, if the accessories are shown in the picture(s), we will match them. If pictures are not shown, we will provide the best matching hanbok accessories. 
  • For the complete set, if the picture shows only a normal fabric embroidered dol belt (valued at $30), we will upgrade it to a premium knot type dol belt with gold/silver foil or a premium fabric embroidered dol belt (both valued at $50-60). If you have a preference, please insert it in the 'Additional Information' section :)
  • For the complete set, please provide your shoe size and additional notes in the additional information section.
  • For just the Dol belt + hat add-on, the dol belt and hat will the same style as shown in the 'Dol Accessory Add On' section.
  • Shoes may run big for Baek-il babies. If there is no available shoe size for your Baek-il baby, we will replace the shoes with a high quality Korean themed hair stick or hairpin for adult women.
  • All of our baby boy hanboks are handmade in Korea.
  • This hanbok is used as a Dol hanbok and Baek-il hanbok.
  • Please allow 2-5 business days for us to process and neatly package your Dol hanbok. (Baek-il Hanboks take 4-7 business days to make and process.)
  • Please note: Due to the varying colors of monitor screens, the color of the actual product may slightly differ.

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Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days.