101 Guide for Dol Hanboks for Baby Boys & Girls

Origins of Dol Hanbok for Baby Boys & Girls

The Dol Hanbok is the outfit worn during the first birthday bash for Korean children, which is known as Doljanchi or Dol.

Many years ago, it was actually uncommon for a baby to live past the first 100 days of life, and if they did live, other environmental factors such as famine and disease often led to the death of many young infants before their first birthday.

With so many little babies with unfortunate outcomes, Koreans decided to hold a big celebration for their children that lived to their first birthday. This special occasion called for a Hanbok that would provide blessings and future hopes for the little one.

Essential Components of Baby Girl Dol Hanbok

There are essential components to the baby girl Dol hanbok that you must purchase in order to complete the ensemble.

It’s a great idea to begin looking for the items well before the Doljanchi since you’re going to want your baby girl to try it on and make sure it fits before her first birthday bash.


The Jeogori is the upper garment or jacket of the Dol Hanbok outfit and it can come in two different style options. There is the standard Jeogori or the Saekdong Jeogori.

The difference between the two styles is that the standard doesn’t have rainbow striped sleeves whereas the Saekdong Jeogori does have rainbow striped sleeves.

The baby girl Dol Hanbok uses snaps to keep the upperwear in place and will have ribbons as a decorative element.


For a baby girl Dol Hanbok, you will need a skirt to complete the bottom section of the ensemble. In the case of a baby girl Dol Hanbok, you’ll notice that the skirt is comparable to a dress and it will go underneath the Jeogori.

Optional Accessories & Items for Baby Girl Dol Hanbok

Flower Corsage

One additional accessory that you could add onto the Dol hanbok for your baby girl is a lovely flower corsage. While it’s not required, it’s a beautiful decoration that would make your baby girl look even more traditional.


The norigae is a tassel that you can add onto the Dol Hanbok to make the outfit more unique and add a special and meaningful touch to the celebration.

For Koreans, every color has a significance and symbolic meaning so the norigae adds some of those important colors to the wardrobe for her first birthday party.


A hairband is an optional accessory that you can add to the baby girl Dol Hanbok and they come in various styles with colorful ornaments and embellishments on them.

While it’s not essential, adding the hairband just makes your baby girl look even more adorable on her special first birthday.

Girls Hat (Jobawi)

The hat, which is called a Jobawi, is one of the items that you should purchase with the Dol Hanbok, although there are many girls out there that just won’t wear them. This hat is part of the traditional dress and it just brings the whole outfit together.

Main Components of Baby Boy Dol Hanbok

Jeogori/Saekdong Jeogori

The Jeogori is a must-have part of the baby boy Dol outfit just as it is with the girls. This upperwear jacket can come in the standard style or in the Saekdong style, which is the rainbow colored sleeves.


The Baji are the pants and obviously for boys it replaces the skirt that little girls wear. Elastic is the common material used around the waist since it’s difficult to put pants on a baby and it makes dressing your baby boy much simpler.

Boys Hat (Doryungmo)

While not a required part of the baby boy Dol hanbok, the hat is a charming finishing component that can provide aesthetic appeal. Most one-year-olds aren’t going to let you put a hat on them and if you can, it will be torn off before very long.

Optional Accessories for Boy & Girl Dol Hanbok

Hanbok Shoes

Hanbok shoes will help to complete the Dol hanbok look for a baby girl, although it’s hard to get little kids to wear shoes for very long.

It’s fairly common for a Korean mom to purchase the shoes knowing that after the big Doljanchi, they probably won’t be worn ever again. 

It then becomes a very sweet keepsake that will make you smile years down the road when your precious baby is all grown up.

Shoes are made in both the traditional and modern variety so that regardless of which hanbok you purchase, your baby girl or boy will be able to match it with appropriate shoes.

Dol Hanbok Socks

Socks are usually worn with the Dol Hanbok and it’s traditional to have the socks and shoes on your baby during Doljabi, even if they are removed later in the evening. It’s more comfortable for your baby to wear the socks with the shoes.

Dol Belt

The dol belt isn’t a required item but many Koreans love adding this onto the hanbok because it symbolizes peace, health, long life, wealth, and integrity. Koreans are known for being superstitious and believe in symbolism, so this Dol belt, which is adorned with five balls, is thought to bring those blessings to the young baby.

Fortune Pouch

Fortune pouches bring luck to those that wear them and most Koreans will attach a fortune pouch to a Dol Hanbok to signify luck.

It also can just be used as a great add-on accessory for Doljabi and it’s thought that if your baby picks this item during the ceremony, then the baby will have many blessings in his or her life.

By following this guide, you’ll be able to dress up your baby in traditional Korean Dol hanbok to look absolutely adorable, and be able to accessorize with the items that are of value and cultural significance to Koreans in the past and present.