About our Baby Girl Hanboks (100 Day - 2 Years Old) 

Find a selection of quality baby boy hanboks for all occasions including 100 Day Party (Baek-il), Korean First Birthday Party (Dol), Korean New Year (Seollal), and Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok).

All of our baby girl hanboks are made in Korea and you'll find a diverse selection of quality and authentic hanboks for baby girls.

The baby girl hanboks in our collection come in two different qualities. The girl hanboks that are priced higher at $100+ are made with higher quality fabric that is softer compared to our selection valued at $95-$99. 

Our baby girl Hanboks: 

  • Our baby girl hanboks are 100% made in Korea.
  • The fabrics used to create the girl hanboks undergo a thorough quality check to ensure you get the best quality baby girl hanbok. 
  • There is an option to add baby girl hanbok accessory sets to your order. Adding the sets is economical compared to buying the accessories individually. The sets that we have are the Dol Belt + Hat & Complete Set
  • All of our standard baby girl hanboks ($95-$99) have a picture that shows all the items included in the complete set. 
  • Our selection of higher quality baby girl hanboks ($100+) includes two complimentary items: Flower Corsage & a Norigae or Fortune Pouch
  • The complete set for our higher quality baby girl hanboks provides fewer items in the complete set however replaces a standard dol belt with a premium dol belt. Our premium dol belts can be found on our Dol Belt Collection
  • Please provide us with 2-5 business days to create and neatly package your 100days baby hanbok.

Select a Baby Girl Hanbok from 3 Sizes: 

  • 100 Days (Baek-il Hanbok)
  • 1 Year Old (Dol Hanbok)
  • 2 Years Old (Can be used as a dolbok for a 1-year-old baby who are bigger than the average 1 Y/O baby)