About Doljabi Items

Select from a collection of quality, traditional, and authentic Doljabi Items for Sale for a Korean First Birthday Party, commonly known as Doljanchi or Dol Party, that are all made in Korea. 

Discover a wide variety of Doljabi items made of quality-grade material. Our selection focuses on quality and aesthetic design. 

Importance of Doljabi Items

Doljabi Items have their own unique representation and each represents a unique blessing or future career choice for the baby. In the past, Koreans believed that the Doljabi items that a baby picked up predicted the future outlook and/or occupation of the baby.

Doljabi is the highlight of the Doljanchi and it's the moment everyone has been waiting for. It's fun to think about and try to guess what item will your baby boy or girl pick and what that specific item means for his or her future life and goals.

Some families enjoy making it a guessing game with guests and whoever guesses the item the baby picks wins a special prize. Even though the focus for modern times is based on career choices your baby could pick later in life, we also offer a diverse selection of traditional Doljabi items which are more blessing-centric. 

Information about our Traditional and Modern Doljabi Items:

  • All of our Traditional and Modern Doljabi Items are handmade in Korea.
  • Our traditional and modern Doljabi item is made with an eco-friendly, non-toxic clay product that's safe if a child happens to place it in their mouth, but due to the clay nature, the shape will distort and the color may smear.
  • Our clay Doljabi is not recommended to be used as toys and we advise parents to avoid babies from placing it near their mouths and/or water.
  • We work with highly-skilled and qualified clay craftsmen to produce clay products to ensure not only the quality but safety of our products as well.
  • We have provided pictures of each product on our website along with what each item symbolizes during the Dolajbi.
  • Feel free to browse our various items to see what the colors represent to Koreans if you're unfamiliar with our culture beforehand, we list the significance on each product collection page.
  • Our Traditional and Modern Doljabi products can be used during Doljabi for both boys and girls. 
  • We're also expanding our Doljabi Items collection to include even more designs and variety to this collection and our other collections, such as Dol Hanbok and Doljabi Set.
  • Here at Joteta, not only is creating a high-quality item a priority, but we also strive to represent true Korean heritage and work diligently to maintain that authenticity. 

Information about our Classic Doljabi Items:

  • Some of our Classic Doljabi Items are handmade in Korea.
  • The handmade items are an accurate rendering of the blessing or career that's been used during Doljabi for centuries. 
  • Due to some of our products being handmade, the color of the classic item you get, such as the thimble color, will vary depending on which material we have at that time. 
  • Premium Yarn can be purchased with or without the knot and it's easy to pick which version you want your baby to see on their special day.
  • We highly suggest our Classic Doljabi Items be used as decorations. None of our items are made out of plastic, items like our Medallion and Set of Coins are made of actual metal like alloy copper.
  • Since some of our products are made from alloy copper, it's going to last for years so these are items you can pass on after the Doljanchi celebration or hold onto as a keepsake.


Please allow 2-3 business days for us to process and neatly package your Doljabi items. 

Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days. 

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