All About Our Breathtaking & Assorted Korean Wedding Gifts

Joteta will provide you with superior wedding gifts that have stood the test of time and have been part of Korean weddings for centuries. Historically, the groom would travel to where the bride lived and would bring a gift to his new mother-in-law, which was oftentimes a goose, to symbolize his good intentions with the bride-to-be.

Current day, the bride and groom receive the wedding duck as a present and then display it in their home to symbolize their love and commitment to one another.

Wedding gifts are still just as important now as they were back in the day, although a lot of people now just use money because it's much easier and versatile. Joteta provides a great selection of distinguished money envelopes so that you can find just the right design and color to fit the ambiance of the wedding.

Whether it's money you want to give or you're looking for a more unique wedding gift, we've got you covered with first-class products that'll create everlasting memories for this special day. We only offer customers the most exceptional products that'll make a lasting impression.

Types of Korean wedding gifts offered on Joteta:

  • Wedding ducks/geese- These beautiful wedding geese are handcrafted right in Korea with a skilled craftsman that has been certified by the Korean Cultural Properties Craftsman Association. We offer three different wedding geese/duck options that use bojagi, which is the same quality fabric that we use for our hanbok.
  • Wedding gift boxes- Wedding gift boxes traditionally would be given to the family of the bride by the groom and his family. These boxes are essentially a show of appreciation to the family of the bride for allowing their daughter to be married to the groom and historically symbolized the unification of two families.
  • We offer two different mother of pearl gift box styles that are handcrafted using premium wood and come with the symbolic items already included in the box. Those symbolic items include a silk Bojagi (Wrap around the box), 2 wedding ducks with covers, and a lucky grain pouch with 5 different grain types.
  • Money envelopes- The gorgeous cloud crane, tassel and ornament, and stunning floral silk or daisy envelope is aesthetically crowd-pleasing and eye-catching. We use nothing but top-rate fabric and inspect the fabric before using it to ensure it's flawless and perfect.
  • Regardless of which item you choose from our vast collection of handcrafted and exquisite wedding gifts, you're going to purchase an item that's long-lasting and that's one-of-a-kind in terms of impeccable quality.
  • We're also expanding our Korean Wedding Gifts collection to include a variety of other Korean Wedding Gifts.

Sizes of our wedding gifts:

  • You can purchase money envelopes in groups of 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20. If you purchase in bulk, you will get a discount from 5% off to 30% off depending on which bulk size you order.
  • Our superior ducks are 16cm in length, 8.5cm tall, and 6cm wide.
  • Outer wedding gift box dimensions: 19.5cm width x  12cm length x 4.5cm height. Inner box dimensions: 18.5cm width x 10.5cm length x 3.2cm height
  • Each product in the wedding gifts category uses a different type of sizing chart which is available on each page for you to reference.


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