Incorporate hanbok elements into your daily life by wearing a convenient & comfortable modern hanbok

Korean culture and fashion shifted greatly during the mid-twentieth century, which is when we began to see the first developments of the modern hanbok. In 1981, Korean fashion icon Lee Young Hee, helped bring about the revolutionary change to modern hanbok and researched new materials to use for an updated and look and feel.

Here at Joteta, we take the look and feel of the modern hanbok very seriously to give you the traditional elements but offer you wearable modern items that you can proudly wear every day during even casual moments hanging out with friends.


We've created an eye-catching look with our trendy cuts and styles to fit a more progressive culture.

There is a lot more versatility as well since our modern hanbok can be mixed-and-matched with non-hanbok clothing items like sneakers or jeans.

We offer multiple options of high quality, fashionable, and comfortable modern hanbok:

  • Hanbok dress- The modern hanbok dress comes in either a long version or mini-version and is available in numerous sizes for women of all body types and ages. Most of our modernized options include a floral design and incorporates many traditional elements of hanbok but in a newly-imagined and colorful way.
  • Hanbok dress and skirt- Dress up the modernized hanbok dress with a lovely sheer skirt, known as chima. Chima is a traditional hanbok element that can be wrapped around the dress at the waist-line. Unlike the traditional version, this new hanbok skirt is shorter and incredibly comfortable to wear for any occasion but brings a more distinguished look to the dress.
  • Blouse- We offer multiple blouses for women to wear in varying sizes that retain some traditional jeogori qualities, but in numerous colors that can be worn with non-hanbok clothing including dress pants or jeans. These blouses are classy, but lightweight so that you'll be snug whether you're on the go or you're at a formal celebration.
  • Jacket- The modern hanbok jacket brings a cute and fun twist to the modern hanbok dress. It can be worn when the weather is a little cooler and you want some extra warmth or can be worn to add decadence to the outfit.
  • If you order both the modern dress and skirt we happily will ship a charming floral brooch with your order completely for free to help you instantly accessorize the outfit.
  • We quality-check each and every modern hanbok to ensure that you're receiving the utmost quality free from any blemishes.

Size information for the chic & stunning modern hanbok:

  • We offer both FREE (S-L) and S, M, L sizes as well as XL + XXL sizes so that you'll be able to wear this gorgeous dress no matter your body shape or weight. The free size is highly adjustable and is appropriate for women who wear S, M, or L.
  • At Joteta, we also offer both a long version and a mini-version of our skirts and dresses which gives you the option to retain the traditional length or go with the trendy shorter version.
  • Modern hanbok jacket comes in sizes FREE, LARGE, and XL.
  • Each modern hanbok follows a different size chart which is available on each modern hanbok product page.


Please provide us with 2-5 business days to create and neatly package your baby boy hanbok.

Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days.