About our Dol Hanboks: 

Joteta provides a collection of quality, traditional & modern, and authentic Dolboks for both baby boys and baby girls.  

All of the Dol hanboks are made with quality and aesthetics in mind. You'll find a variety of hanboks each with its own special touch. Some have traditional Korean embroidery, and others have subtle silver/gold foiled designs.

Each Dolbok has its own interpretation based on its color and embroidery. We highly suggest you choose the one that best matches your baby!

They are all unique and have a personality just like each individual baby because we know every child has their own personality and charm. Have a look around Joteta and you'll find everything you need to make sure you're special ceremony is just as pure as your baby boy or girl.

What are Dol Hanboks?

Dol hanboks are baby hanboks that are worn by babies on their first birthday (Dol). In the past, a baby's Dol was considered extremely important because many babies were not fortunate to survive famine, wars, harsh weather, and diseases. If a baby did survive, the family saw it as a blessing and threw a first birthday party (Doljanchi) to thank the gods, celebrate, and further bless their baby by dressing their baby with a Dolbok and eating certain foods like noodles.

The entire Doljanchi is spectacularly filled with love, laughter, blessings, and traditional Korean food. Not only is it a celebration of the first year of life, but it's also a celebration of the future of the baby and the many good fortunes that the family hopes will come to him or her later in life.

The dol hanbok worn by a baby on their first birthday is a Korean tradition that's passed down to this day and our dol hanboks will make your baby look irresistibly cute while they celebrate their birthday and play Doljabi. 

Couple of things to note about our Dol hanboks:

  • All of our Dol Hanboks are handmade in Korea.
  • Each Dol hanbok has been scrutinized by quality control to assure us that we're shipping you only the utmost highest of quality hanbok.
  • Some of our Dol Hanboks are also available as 100 Day hanboks, and a few 100 Day Hanboks may take as long as 10 days to process.
  • Please allow 2-5 business days (for the majority of dol hanboks) for us to process and neatly package your Hanbok.