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About Dol Belts

What do Dol belts symbolize?

The long strings of Dol belts symbolize longevity so parents include Dol belts with Dol Hanboks to express their desire for their baby's long life. 

Dol belts usually have five balls or pendants which symbolize five blessings that are:

  • Long life
  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Right Conduct
  • Peace

Our Doljabi Belts come in modern and traditional styles for your Dol Party. And all of our Dol Belts are handmade in Korea.

Within our Dol Belt category, you'll find:

  • String Type Dol Belts (Modern)
  • Band Type Dol Belts (Traditional)

About Modern String Type Dol Belts

String-type Dol belts are modern dol belts that are smaller in width, circular, and thin. Rather than traditional dol belts which are flat and have a rectangular embroidery in the middle, modern dol belts are made with a long string with gold or silver knots and decor usually on each side that resembles a norigae. 

Ironically, the modern dol belt is a better representation of longevity because of its long strings and the two norigae decor carries the same meaning as the sidebands of the classical traditional dol belt which are virtue and peaceful life. 

About Traditional Band Type Dol Belts

Band type Dol belts are traditional dol belts that have a rectangular band in the middle with unique embroidery. The design of the embroidery ranges from flowers to animals. Some common designs are roses, phoenixes, butterflies roaming in a garden, dragons, and cranes.

Band type Dol belts have two thin fabric pieces that are used to tie the belt around the waist and are the parts that uphold the representation of what a Dol belt is commonly known for by Koreans - longevity.

Why Are Dol Belts Important?

Dol belts are one of the few Hanbok accessories that carry a unique blessing for the baby. Therefore, it was widely used by Koreans in the past because of the importance of a newborn's survival. In the past, Koreans truly believed that dressing their baby with a Dol belt would benefit the baby's health and future more than not.

The Dol belt carries a long history and is used today to wish the baby a long life as well as to respect and pass down Korean traditions & culture. 

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