Dol Belt

Dol Belt


    About our Doljabi Belts

    The long strings of Dol belts symbolize longevity so parents include Dol belts with Dol Hanboks to express their desire for their baby's long life. 

    Dol belts usually have five balls or pendants which symbolize five blessings that are:

    • Long life
    • Wealth
    • Health
    • Right Conduct
    • Peace

    Our Doljabi Belts come in modern and traditional styles for your Dol Party. And all of our Dol Belts are handmade in Korea.

    Within our Dol Belt category, you'll find:

    • String Type Dol Belts (Modern)
    • Band Type Dol Belts (Traditional)
    • Traditional Dol Belt with side bands

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    Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
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