About our Doljabi Sets

The Doljabi Sets available on Joteta are quality, traditional, and authentic sets for a Korean First Birthday Party (Dol Party). 

Discover a wide variety of Doljabi Sets made of quality grade material. Choose from handmade Doljabi Clay Sets in both traditional and modern styles, classic Doljabi items with real traditional Korean products, and toy Doljabi sets that can be used as toys after Doljabi.

All of our Doljabi sets come directly from Korea. 

Our Doljabi Sets:

  1. Blessing Doljabi Set (Includes Free Traditional Korean Straw Mat)
  2. Traditional Doljabi Set (Clay)
  3. Modern Doljabi Set (Clay)
  4. Classic Doljabi Set
  5. Classic Doljabi Set v2 (Includes Free Bojagi)
  6. Toy Doljabi Set

About Doljabi

Doljabi is a Korean tradition that's hosted during a baby's Korean first birthday party. Doljabi items are placed in front of the baby to choose from and the chosen item is believed to predict the child's future.

Doljabi is the highlight of Doljanchi because it's the most entertaining for the baby, parents, and guests participating in the Doljabi raffle. 

Shop for your Doljanchi and Doljabi with us!


Please allow 2-3 business days for us to process and neatly package your Doljabi Set.

Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days.