Classic Doljabi Set by JOTETA
Traditional Doljabi Set by JOTETA
Modern Doljabi Set by JOTETA
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Doljabi Set

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Doljabi Sets for Doljanchi

Doljabi is a traditional Korean game that's played during a baby's Korean first birthday party. Toys are placed in front of the child to choose from and the chosen item is believed to predict the child's future.

Doljabi is the highlight of Doljanchi because it provides the most entertainment to guests participating in the Doljabi raffle and the child.

Each set comes with a variety of colorful toys and our Doljabi Items are soft, lightweight, and small enough for your child to pick up during Doljabi and play with after. Our Korean Doljabi set is perfect for baby boys and girls.

We offer 3 Doljabi sets that are made with different materials and have their own unique theme and Doljabi items. 

Traditional Doljabi Set:

  1. Coins: Wealth
  2. Brush and Pallet: Extraordinary Education
  3. Yarn/String: Good Health and Long Life
  4. Fortune Pouch: Good Luck
  5. Medallion: High Status

Modern Doljabi Set:

  1. Pencil: Writer
  2. Yarn/String: Health Long Life
  3. Gavel: Judge/Lawyer
  4. Microphone: Singer/Entertainer
  5. Stethoscope: Doctor

Classic Dolabji Set:

  1. Fortune Pouch: Good Luck
  2. Medicine Pot: Doctor
  3. Medallion: High Status
  4. Brush: Extraordinary Education
  5. Yarn/String: Good Health and Long Life 
  6. 5 Colored Paper: Abundant Energy and Multi-talented
  7. Coins: Wealth

Additional Information about our Doljabi Set:

Our Traditional and Modern Doljabi set is made in Korea with soft non-toxic, eco-friendly bright-colored, non-acid, and lightweight clay.

Our Classic Doljabi set is made in Korea with standard grade material for each item.

Complete your Doljabi Set with our Korean Dohl Decoration Set and/or our digital Doljabi board template for your Doljanchi banner, Doljanchi invitations, Doljabi Labels, Doljabi Signage, Doljabi Raffle Tickets, and Doljabi Party Favor Tag that we'll personalize with your baby's picture, name, items of your Doljabi Set, and information about your Doljanchi.


For the U.S and International customers: 
Our Doljabi Sets are made in Korea, and you can expect fast international delivery (about 4-6 business days) excluding processing time.

For customers in Korea: 
You can expect quick delivery (1 business day) excluding processing time.
Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our original method of shipping has increased its shipping time to the U.S and international customers from 4-6 business days to 10-15 business days. Our express shipping time increased from 1-3 business days to 3-5 business days.