About our Doljanchi Items

Joteta provides a collection of quality, traditional, and authentic Doljanachi items including individual Doljabi Items for 100% Doljabi Set customization, a selection of Doljabi Sets, Korean Dol Decorations, Dol Hanboks, and Hanbok Accessories including a variety of Dol hanbok shoes, Dol Belts, and Dol hanbok hats.  

All of our Doljanchi Items are from Korea and our selection focuses on quality and aesthetic design. 

Some of our products are handmade in Korea and absolutely all of our products are from Korea. 

What is Doljanchi

Doljanchi is a Korean first birthday party that is thrown to celebrate a baby's first birthday and was a tradition nearly all Koreans cherished in the past because of high infant mortality rates. When a baby reached his first birthday, parents celebrated and thanked their deities through prayers and guests would express well wishes for good fortune and happiness through attending and gifting.

What are the absolutely necessary Doljanchi items?

A Dohl table, Dol hanbok, and a Doljabi Set set the foundation for a successful Doljanchi.

A Dohl table is the main decor of Doljanchi and contains all the traditional Korean decorations that wish for good fortune and longevity to the baby. 

A Dol hanbok is the traditional clothing that a baby wears for their Doljanchi. Traditionally, the entire household would wear a hanbok and this tradition is still carried out to this day out of respect for the baby and Korean culture.

Doljabi is the highlight of Doljanchi and a Doljabi Set is necessary in order to carry out this ceremony.

Within our Doljanchi items category, you'll find:

  1. Doljabi Items
  2. Doljabi Set
  3. Dol Hanbok
  4. Dol Belt
  5. Dol Hanbok Accessories & Decorations

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