Blessing Doljabi Set

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Traditional Doljabi Set with Customizable Scroll & Traditional Korean Mat

Special features of this Doljabi Set:

1. 5 color yarns (Doljabi item that's centered around blessing a child)

2. Customizable scroll (write a personal message and give it to your baby when they are older)

3. Traditional Korean mat (to place the Doljabi items)

Blessing Doljabi Set (Complete)

Complete Blessing doljabi item comes with all 10 Doljabi items and the premium mat. This is one of our most popular selections and is gaining traction as a Doljabi kit because it has a theme.

Come with the traditional mat and all the Doljabi items shown above. 

Blessing Doljabi Set (Basic)

Basic Doljabi set. This set has 6 of the Doljabi items of the complete set and is still popular. The price is fair for what one gets.

Comes with the traditional mat and Doljabi items shown above.

Representation of each Doljabi item

5 Color Yarn

5 Color Yarn is one of the doljabi items in our Kit.

The 5 color yarns represent vigor and the following: Red represents power, blue represents good fortune, black represents wisdom, white represents purity, and yellow represents nobility. If a child picks up one yarn, then it's considered that the child will inherit the blessings of all 5 colored yarns.

Coins (Included in Complete Set)

Coins formed as a Norigae is another doljabi item that's included in our set.

These are real copper alloy coins and they represent wealth. These coins are aesthetically made to look like a Norigae. Each set of coins comes with 3x coins. 


A customizable scroll is included for a parent to write a special message to their kid. This doljabi item is one reason why our blessing Doljabi set is gaining a lot of traction.

One of the highlights of our Doljabi Set, this scroll has vacant space and the picture above is an example of a letter for a child when he/she grows up. A scroll represents a scholarThe scroll will not have anything written on the white space. That space is for you to write a special message to your baby!


Medallion is another classic that needs to be in traditional Doljabi set like ours.

The medallion comes with a beautiful gold norigae and represents high status.

Medicine Pot (Included in Complete Set)

A medicine pot is a luxury doljabi item that's included in our complete Doljabi set.

The medicine pot is real pottery that's handmade and looks and feels like a traditional medicine pot used in the past. It represents a future doctor.


Our doljabi item gavel is made out of wood and is a premium kind amongst our competitors.

We provide a premium gavel that's made out of wood. This Doljabi item represents one who fights for justice.

5 Color Needle Holder (Included in Complete Set)

Our colorful needle keeper is a doljabi item that completes our doljabi set with it's variety of colors.

This beautifully handcrafted needle keeper represents a handicraft

Fortune Pouch

Our Doljabi kits provides the softest and most aesthetic fortune pouches.
We provide a premium fortune pouch that's extremely soft to touch. This Doljabi item represents financial prosperity and good luck.

White Yarn

Our Premium White yarn is a classic Doljabi item that's included in both our basic and complete set.

The white yarn we provided is a premium white yarn that's extremely soft. This Doljabi item represents a healthy long life.

Additional Information about the Premium Traditional Doljabi Set:

The Premium Doljabi set is made in Korea with quality grade material for each item.
Discover unique Doljabi items that are not included in the set in our Doljabi Item collection.


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