Classic Doljabi Set v2 (Includes Free Bojagi)

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Traditional Classic Doljabi Set with Bojagi

This is the newest version of the Classic Doljabi Set. It includes a free bojagi that you can use as a mat and you can even use it to wrap your Doljabi Set, or anything else, after your Doljanchi!

Choose from 4 different colors!

4 Colors included in our Doljabi Set. The colors determine the color of the fortune pouch and the bojagi which are free accessories included in this set.

Classic Doljabi Set v2 (Upgraded)

The Classic Doljabi Set version 2 has two options. This is the upgraded option which includes Korean Drums and a Medicine Pot.

Classic Doljabi Set (Standard)

This is the standard version of our classic doljabi set version 2. It includes up to 8 different items for your Doljabi.

Representation of each item in this Doljabi Set:

1. Coins: Wealth
2. Medallion: High Status
3. 5 Color Paper: Vitality & Vigor
4. Korean Drums: Musician (Included in Upgraded Set)
5. Traditional Korean Book: Scholar
6. Gavel: Virtue & Righteousness / Judge / Lawyer
7. Fortune Pouch: Good Luck
8. Medicine Pot: Doctor (Included in Upgraded Set)
9. Yarn/String: Healthy/Long Life
10. Ball: Athlete

Additional Information about the Classic Doljabi Set v2:

The Classic Doljabi set v2 is designed by our team in Korea. Each item includes quality grade material.
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