Cloud Crane Silk Korean Money Envelope (14 Colors)

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Bojagi x Korean Silk Wedding Money Envelope with Crane Ribbon

This is a cloud crane silk korean money envelope that comes in a selection of 14 different colors.

About the Cloud Crane Silk Korean Money Envelope:

1. The money envelope is made of silk and is the same fabric used to make high-quality traditional hanboks. The Cloud Crane Silk Korean money envelope is extremely soft to touch and has a luxurious feel and look.

2. Includes a floral pendant on the ribbon that secures the money wallet. The ribbon is also made of silk.

3.  Includes an additional paper envelope that goes inside the bojagi Korean money envelope. 

4. Purchase it as a single or in bulk. Receive a huge discount and customize your colors to suit your preference for bulk orders. (5% discount for 3x, 10% discount for 5x, 20% discount for 10x, and 30% discount for 20x)

5. Choose from 14 different colors.


This is a beige colored Korean wedding money envelope made of silk, the same kind used to make hanboks.


This is a purple Korean money envelope made with silk.


The deep blue cloud crane money envelope is shown below. The picture show the silk fabric and the intricate designs on the wallet.


White candy pink is a silk korean money envelope that is popular amongst Korean women. Give this to a Korean friend who's about to get married.

Indie Pink

The indie pink Korean money wallet is a beautifully made wallet made of fine silk. This is handmade and authentically made in Korea.


The Orange Cloud crane money envelope has a unique look with its shade of orange. The ribbon that's tied to secure the envelope is in beige and a beautiful floral pendant is attached.


Navy and pink cloud crane money envelope for Korean occasions.


A Korean money wallet made of silk and has a traditional look and feel. This is surely one of our more popular money envelopes because it is in red and red was a color used by Koreans often in the past.

White Pink

The white pink silk Cloud Crane Korean envelope is definitely one of our more popular fabric envelopes. It's extremely soft to touch.

White Deep Blue

The white deep blue Korean money envelope is made with fine silk and has a fine ribbon for a pleasing look.


A unique aqua colored Korean money wallet that's made of the finest material used for traditional Korean dresses and hanboks.


Gray silk bojagi Korean money envelope that's high quality and sure to make a good impression to the recipient of this gift.


A beautiful silk bojagi Korean money envelope that's in coral.


A beautiful lavender Korean money envelope that's made of silk and is sure to make a remarkable impression on the recipient who receives this wallet as a gift.


Features of the cloud crane Korean money envelope used often for weddings and other celebrations.


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