Bold Chrysanthemum Ceramic Custom Music Jewelry Box

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Bold Chrysanthemum Ceramic Custom Music Box that you can fully personalize by choosing your own tune and special message to engrave within the top piece of the music box.
The bold chrysanthemum ceramic personalized music box is a beautifully created music box that you can personalize for your friends and family. It's a music box that both plays music and has storage for jewelry, accessories, and photos. Perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.
Choose a custom tune for your personalized music jewelry box. We have a list of songs for you to choose from!

A ceramic custom music box that's also a personalized musical jewelry box!

The Bold Chrysanthemum personalized musical box is an aesthetic music box that's also a personalized jewelry box. Customize your music box by selecting a tune from our list of songs, choose your special message that you would like to engrave on the wooden top piece of the music box, and store special treasures like jewelry, photos of loved ones, and secret gems inside this beautiful and handcrafted music box. 

Customize your music box with a song (Free):

It's super easy to customize your tune. Just select a song from this list of songs and insert your song of choice in the text box before you move forward with checking out.

Customize your music box with a special message (Add $20):

You can even add your own special message to the customized music box if you plan to send this beautiful Korean inspired music box as a gift to your loved ones or friend. Just insert the message of your choice in the text area before checking out and you're good to go :)

Additional Information about our Bold Chrysanthemum Ceramic Custom Music and Jewelry Box: 

All of our custom music boxes are created in Korea.
Please allow 2-5 business days for us to create, customize, and package your personalized music box. 


Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days.