Classic Doljabi Set

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Classic Doljabi Set for Doljanchi

The Classic Dolajbi Set comes with a variety of authentic and high-quality items that embody aspects of traditional Korean culture. 

This Doljabi Set is for parents who want to provide their baby with a traditional Doljabi experience with the same items and representations used and valued by Koreans in the past.

    We have 6 variations of our Classic Dolabji Set & the Representation of Each Doljabi Item:

    1. Fortune Pouch: Good Luck
    2. Medicine Pot: Doctor
    3. Medallion: High Status
    4. Brush: Scholar
    5. Yarn/String: Good Health and Long Life 
    6. 5 Colored Paper: Abundant Energy and Multi-talented
    7. Coins: Wealth
    8. Soccer Ball: Athleticism
    9. Gavel: Judge
    10. Paper Book: Education
    11. Needle Holder: Excellent Hand-to-Eye Coordination 
    12. Stethoscope: Doctor
    13. Bamboo Book: Education

    Additional Information about the Classic Doljabi Set:

    The Classic Doljabi set is made in Korea with standard grade material for each item.

    Discover unique Classic Doljabi items that are not included in the set in our Doljabi Item collection.


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