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5 Colored Yarns (Classic)

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Meaning of this Doljabi item: "I will make the most impressive assets with my hands."

About the 5 Colored Yarns Dolabji item:

These 5 colored yarns Doljabi items represent a handicraft.

The five colors played a role in praying for good luck and driving away bad energy. In particular, this Doljabi item was used to represent Dol which was traditionally carried out to prevent bad energy and pray for a child's longevity.

Yellow symbolizes the center of the earth and the universe. It was recognized as the noblest color among the five colors, so only the king could wear yellow clothes.

Blue symbolizes the tree and the east and symbolizes creation and life as the color of spring that all things created. It is used as a color for defeating ghosts and praying for good fortune.

White symbolizes gold and the west and means innocence, truth, life, and purity.

Red symbolizes fire and the south. Like the sun, fire, and blood, it means creation, passion and affection, and positivity.

Black symbolizes water and wisdom. 

If a baby picks up this Doljabi item, it could mean a baby naturally gravitates towards color and design and may become a natural at designing fashionable clothes. 

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