An aqua lucid Bojagi is the ultimate fabric wrapping paper for a baby boy Doljanchi.,

Midnight Blue Lucid Bojagi

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Teal lucid Korean Bojagi can really dress up your anniversary or Parent's Day event. It's reusable gift wrap that will bring joy to all who see it.
Wrapping presents with fabric can add such a personal twist to any gift occasion and this azure Korean Bojagi is a perfect example.
You can see just how silky-smooth this ocean blue Bojagi for sale is in multiple sizes to fit any shaped gift.
This Korean Bojagi art in the color cyan is the coolest fabric wrapping for any Doljanchi.
Fabric wrapping paper has so many uses and in turquoise it can be used to wrap any present for boys and girls.
Gift your best friend a cup wrapped in this Korean fabric cloth known as Bojagi for a very spectacular look.
Koean Bojagi is a dazzling luxury gift wrap that can be reused and decorated to bring smiles and joy to everyone that stares at it.

Make your presents extra tantalizing using a Bojagi wrapping

About our Lucid Bojagi 

  1. Gorgeous Bojagi that's lucid compared to other styles like single-sided bojagi.
  2. 100% made in Korea!
  3. Single-sided lucid bojagi with the color midnight blue.

Customized & Discount Orders

We provide a discount on orders of 3x or more! And, you can mix and match colors and sizes from our bojagi collection :) Please be sure to use the correct discount code shown below!

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Size Options

  • Extra Small : 45cm x 45cm (17in x
  • Small: 55cm x 55cm (21.6in x 21.6in)
  • Medium: 70cm x 70cm (27.5in x 27.5in)
  • Large: 90cm x 90cm (35.4in. 35.4in)
  • X-Large: 110cm x 110cm (43.3in x 43.3in)
  • XX-Large: 130cm x 130cm (51.2in x 51.2in)

If you are unsure about which size to get, please reach out with the dimensions of your item to our team and we'll be happy to assist you with the best size :)


  • Machine wash with cold water
  • Steam or Iron press with low heat (do not use high heat!)


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