Toy Doljabi Set

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Toy Doljabi Set for Doljanchi

The Doljabi items in this set are toys that are friendly for babies and can be used as toys after Doljabi. 

This Doljabi set includes modern doljabi items and a few traditional items. Ideal for parents who are looking for a modernized Doljanchi with a semi-traditional look. 

    Choose from 6 variations & the representation of Each Doljabi Item:

    1. Pencil: Success in Academia
    2. Microphone: Entertainer
    3. Yarn/String: Good Health and Long Life 
    4. Stethoscope: Doctor
    5. Airplane: Pilot
    6. Mouse: Engineer
    7. Money: Wealth
    8. Soccer Ball: Soccer Player
    9. Baseball: Baseball Player
    10. Golf: Golfer
    11. Gavel: Judge
    12. Caligraphy Brush (Replaced the Pencil Case): Scholar 

    Additional Information about the Toy Doljabi Set:

    • The Toy Doljabi Set comes in 6 variations and either blue or pink.
    • The blue microphone in the blue set is no longer manufactured. So a pink microphone is provided in the Blue Toy Doljabi Set. 
    • The fabric pencil case in the shape of a pencil as shown in the picture below has been changed to a calligraphy brush. 

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