Traditional Vest & Hat Set (2 Colors)

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Traditional Baby Boy Vest and Hat Set

This baby boy vest and hat set is perfect for Korean holidays and special occasions such as Baek-il (100 Days Party), Korean First Birthday Party (Doljanchi), Korean New Year (Seollal), and Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok).  

Additional Information about our Baby Boy Vest and Hat: 

  • This Hanbok Hat is made for made primarily for baby boys.
  • The hanbok hat shown above is custom made in Korea.
  • We provide three options: small (100 Days-2 Years Old), medium (3-5 Years Old).
  • Please allow 2-5 business days for us to create, process, and neatly package your Hanbok Hat. 


Updated Info Regarding Shipping:
Due to the Coronavirus, our express shipping time increased from 2-3 business days to 3-7 business days.