Doljabi Board Digital Template

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Personalized Doljabi Board Digital Template for your Signage, Raffle Ticket, Dol Invitation, and Party Favor Tags

When throwing Doljabi, good food is always a plus as well as aesthetic imagery to go with the celebration of your first baby's birthday!

We invite you to consider our Doljabi Signage Digital Template Set to make the final touches for your Doljanchi. 

Our Doljabi Signage Digital Template Set uses Korean themed colors, has a traditional Korean feel and look, and will invite your guests to dive into a little fraction of Korean culture. 

Here's what's included: 

Doljabi Sign:

  • The size of the sign is 16 inches in width and 20 inches in height however, you can alter the dimension as you see fit. 
  • We'll include a custom photo of your baby.

Doljabi Raffle Ticket:

  • The size of the raffle is 7 inches in width and 2 inches in height however, you can alter the dimensions as you see fit.
  • We'll customize the pictures of the raffle ticket to match the same items as your Doljabi Set.

Korean Dol Invitations:

  • The size of the Doljabi invitation is 600px by 900px. It's intended to send to your recipients via text, email, or any social media platform. 

Korean Dol Party Favor Tag:

  • The size of the favor party tag is intended as 1.6 inches in width and 2.4 inches in height.
  • This party favor tag is used as an attachment to your party favors for your visitors. 

Doljabi Item Labels for Jars/Containers:

  • The size of the labels is 2.4 inches in width and 2.4 inches in height. 
  • They are used as labels on jars or containers for your guests to insert their raffle tickets. As the host, you can easily separate the tickets into their appropriate categories and conveniently choose the winner when the time comes to give an award to a guest or guests! 

Additional Information about our Doljabi Board Digital Template:

  • Files are digital files that we are provided as a PDF file. The standard sizes are listed above, but we're open to changing the sizes to accommodate your needs. (Just ask us about customizing your Doljabi Board Digital Set!)
  • Please preview our Doljabi Sets and First Korean Birthday Decorations to go along with your Doljabi Board Digital Template. 
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